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2006-09-15 23:00:00

Goose's Wedding

So Goose called me one night and asked if I'd be the cantor for his wedding. That was awesome. But then he told me that I'd be singing with the Laurel Quartet. That was awesomer! Ever since I started listening to artists like Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli I have wanted to sing with strings. But til now I never knew how awesome it would be.
Change of subject... last night was the rehearsal dinner. It was at Numero Uno's in Westmont. It was a blast! I sat at a table with Rhuel and Hayley, Justin and Kelly, Heather, and Elsie. I was my usual shy self at the beginning, but then just started being normal and talking to everyone. I'm not sure what we talked about or what even happened most of the time. As soon as Elsie started talking I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I mean, I had to, cause staring is rude. But you know what I mean. I knew from the rehearsal earlier that she was very pretty, but once I got to talk to her, the personality shined. Wow. She's a firecracker. The kid who plays the piano on the weekends was there and he was playing a lot of Disney music. Elsie and I were naming every one of them, and singing along a little bit. Then our whole table started singing along to some of the songs. I'm not sure how much the other people in the restaurant liked it, but oh well. By the end of dinner, we were belting out songs, and were even invited by the owner to gather around the piano and sing New York, New York. Needless to say, it was a great night.
Back to the original subject... the mass went off without a hitch. I got to sing about half of the songs with the strings. It was everything I thought it could be. It was so much fun!
On to the reception... I laid low for a little bit, then I finally worked up the courage to tell, not ask, Elsie that I wanted a slow dance with her before the night was over. Then I went to get a drink and made my back to the head table to talk to Rhuel, Nick, and Lorin. Around this time Rhuel, who knew I was interested in Elsie, told me some of the things she said about me. So a little later the slow songs started, and Elsie and I danced. We talked about a lot of stuff, but then she confirmed what Rhuel told me. She said that she had to try real hard to keep from crying while I was singing. Then she gave me the best compliment I could ever get, she said that I sounded like Josh Groban. That made me very happy.
Apparently rumors spread like wildfire, cause during one of the songs Goose made a comment about me going home with Elsie. That kind of caught me off guard, but I knew I didn't have that kind of luck. Stuff like that just doesn't happen. I was happy to get the one dance. And on my way out, after I said bye to Goose, I ran (more like quickly shuffled) over to Elsie and gave her a hug goodbye. Maybe I'll see her again in the future. I surely hope so.


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