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2005-09-14 23:00:00

Can my life get any worse?

Well, I guess I could be dead. That would be worse, right?
Things at work have been going great. I'm actually the person in charge of our new wireless device infrastructure. And I'm getting more responsibility, which equals more work, but that's cool. I'll deal with it. It's fun. This past Friday I worked 18.5 hours. We had a server/data migration which we started at 7PM Friday, and worked until a little after 3AM Saturday. I was also at work since 8AM Friday, so I kept going and going. But that was painless. I wrote a few scripts to automate the process and it was just a matter of waiting, then a few commands when it was done. And on open of business Monday, there was no aftershock. So the first major infrastructure proejct I led was a success. Woohoo!
So you're probably wondering why the title of this post implies that my life sucks if all this good stuff is happening at work. Well, it's not what happens at work that sucks, it's outside of work. Wednesday morning I was on my way to work. I drove through downtown Johnstown, turned the corner by UHaul, made it by the electric substation, and WHAM!. I was car number 3 in a 4 car pileup. Some assclown two cars in front of my decided he was going to slam on his brakes. So the person in front of me slammed on his and hit the oringal moron, I slammed on mine and hit the guy in front of me, and the person behind me slammed on hers and hit me. Fun! So we drove up to the pulloff by the intersection of 56 and 271 by the Point Stadium, but... Ok, where's the first car? The person who started this whole mess just drove off! So I called 911 and got the F.D. and the P.D. there. My car was in the best shape out of all of them. You can't even tell the front was hit, unless you look underneath and see the radiator bent in. As for the back, yeah it's pushed in a little, but it's not noticable unless you're really looking. Granted, the whole front and back ends of my vehicle will need replaced, but at least it looks half decent. It's drivable though, I made it to work and back home. The adjuster came a few minutes ago (the time is now 12:25PM) to assess the damage. When my Mom gets home we're going to take it to the dealer and get their assessment and, hopefully, they'll say it's unsafe and give me a rental. But either way, yeah. The last thing that happened was that Presto Pin puncturing my tire, now this. I'm just wondering, if things keep progressing like this, if my car is going to blow up, or be blown up by something. So, the only question I'm left with is, WTF?


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