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2008-07-21 19:43:11

Villain for Batman 3

The Dark Knight is the best movie ever made, period. Much talk has been done about the villain in the next movie. It's pretty well known that the next baddie was hinted at in The Dark Knight. But who could it be?
In order to figure out the hint, we must realize one thing about this movie; everything is there for a reason. That being said, there were two things that I thought were there without a reason.
I have no idea how Batman knew who the thug was. Actually, I wonder if he even did. Was Batman just saying anything to make sure Dent didn't hurt anyone? That's my guess.
That leaves one last thing. Batman asks if his new armor can protect against dogs, since he got bit in the beginning of the movie. After a quick back and forth, Lucious said that it would protect against cats. Cats? Seriously? Why on earth did he say that? There wasn't a cat in this whole movie. Batman had absolutely no need for his armor to protect against cats... yet. The villain for the third movie... is Catwoman.



2008-09-08 08:04:47

Anonymous says...
You're an idiot. It was a joke. Get out, get some fresh air, get a life.

2009-08-08 14:26:24

the man says...
It was just a joke. Because his new armor made him more flexible, it gave him less protection. Therefore he made the joke that cats wouldn't be able to hurt him, but dogs would. Remember at the beginning when Joker puts the smoke grenade in that guys mouth? He says something along the lines of, "What doesn't kill you only makes you stranger..." I think that guy is the next bad guy.

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