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2007-12-28 01:41:45

OfficeCam, Twitter, and Facebook

After getting my oak filing cabinet and having to put the stupid thing together, I decided to unpack some of the boxes I had in my office and put things in their rightful places. In one of those boxes was my Logitech 3000 webcam. So, I decided that it was again time to hook it up and have my webcam pseudo-stream to my site. It's not real streaming, just a snapshot every 15 seconds.
Along those same lines was another addition to my website, text-only twitter. I knew the stupid Flash gadget was going to cause problems and it had started to make my site load rather slowly. Previously, Twitter's text "badge" didn't work... at all. I decided to give it a go again and it's working great. Now you can see my last five Twitters instead of only the most recent one.
The last thing to mention is the new group I created on Facebook, Bring The Screensavers to DVD. Everyone must join! I sent invitations to lots of former TechTV employees and some of them joined. I got Leo Laporte and Scott Bourne to join so far. I'm hoping this group will get large enough that it acts as a petition that G4 can be given which will make them unlock the TSS archives and bring the show to DVD.


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