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2007-11-07 11:35:04

What is going on?

Ok, so I had church practice yesterevening. When I finished, from inside the church, I hit the button on my remote starter so my car would be running when I get to it. I walk out, hit the unlock button on my fob, and almost get my wrist broken off when I try to open the door. It was still locked. Hmmm. I hit it again, nothing. Other buttons, nope. Ok, maybe it's battery is dead, I'll use the key. I got in, clicked the ignition to the "on" location, and turned on the lights. No lights. Off, on, off, on... nothing. Radio's working, but there aren't any lights on the console. The dashboard lights work but the dome lights don't. The wipers, the parking lights, and the brake lights all work. What is going on?!?!
Luckily the church is 2 minutes from my parent's house, so my mom drove over to escort me to the nearest gas station (since I didn't have headlights). They checked all of the fuses and they were fine. My mom then escorted me home, which was only 2 minutes away. I then called Rhuel hoping he'd seen this before. He said he saw stupid stuff like this that was due to faulty 3rd party stuff like car alarms. I said, what about remote starters. That could be a cause too.
So has anyone else seen anything like this before?


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