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2005-05-10 23:00:00


I don't even know where to start... Oh wait, got it.
It all started a few days before graduation. I only have four graduation tickets, however five family members wanted to come: my mom, dad, sister, aunt, and uncle. I was thinking about leaving my sister without a ticket and telling the people at the door that she lost it. Honestly, it's not like they're not gonna let my sister in to see me graduate. But I was talking to a friend of mine, who informed me that a friend of hers had an extra ticket. Most excellent. So I e-mailed her and she was willing to give me the extra ticket. Friday came along, graduation practice day, and it wasn't too bad. We had just begun to file out of the gym when Mary came up to me and gave me the ticket. Me being me, I said, "Thank you! I love you!" Tyne put her papers over her face to cover up the redness and the "I can't believe you just said that" look. Something's going on here, but I was oblivious. Well, graduation came and went, and I thought I should take Mary out, as a thank you for her generousity. Tyne obviously thought the same, as she told me I should take Mary out. Now, I won't lie, all this time I did think Mary was cute, and if I did ask her out, the intentions would be split up as such, 10% Thank You, 90% I Like Her. So I send her an e-mail (my only method of contacting her) telling her I'd like to take her out as a little thank you. I purposfully stumbled over my words to get the point across that this wasn't a "thank you" invitation. She noticed my alterior motive, but still accepted the offer. So we talked in IM for a while (18:51:04 - 23:47:44). The more we talked, the weirder it became. We had EVERYTHING in common. We were inside of each other's heads. At any given point, we knew exactly what the other was thinking. This was totally amazing. We knew were going to have fun on our date. We decided on Monday. We went ice skating (where I fell many times and got many bruises), to the driving range, played putt-putt, then ordered pizza and watched movies at my house. As the night went on we moved out into the living room, so as to not wake up everyone who was sleeping. We watched Goldmember and TV until four in the morning. Well, 3:30, but I didn't take her back until four. You fill in the unaccounted-for 30 minutes :). I wished that night would never end.
But we wanted to see each other again. So we decided to leave one of her CD's in my vehicle so I'd have an excuse to go to her place. After supper Tuesday I went on the trek to the part of Cambria which happens to be North. I met her family, jumped on the trampoline, and watched Spider-Man 2. However, during and after the movie, there were a lot of unaccounted-for minutes :). But somewhere in one of the latter periods of unaccountedness she uttered, "So does this mean I can tell everyone I have a boyfriend?" I said, "Do you want it to?" She replied, "I think I would, would you?" I answered, "I want it to be so much." Wow, in five days we've met, went out, become great friends, and then started a relationship. That seems pretty fast, some might even call it weird... we do! :-P
There is, however, one part of this story that I left out. The part where she is moving to Thailand Wednesday in search of a job. It's times like this when I wonder, "why?" Why must I meet the person I was obviously ment to be with only to have her removed from my immediate life the next day? Why can nothing be easy for me? Why does my timing suck so bad?
I don't have an answer to any of those questions. But I do know one thing. I know that I like her and she likes me. I know we both want to be in this relationship. And I know that we can make this work, no matter what it takes. I have never failed at anything I've set my mind to so far in my life, and I don't plan on starting now. I won't!


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