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2007-09-13 08:08:47

United Way Day of Caring

Yesterday was the United Way Day of Caring. Myself along with four co-workers got assigned to work at Mom's House in Roxbury. For those who don't know, Mom's house is a free daycare for working mothers or mothers who are going to school.
Among the tasks were changing lightbulbs and batteries in smoke detectors on the cathedral ceiling (Mom's House used to be a church, so the ceilings are very high), fixing the bannister on the outside walkway, fixing the hole in the wall in the basement bathroom, and painting various rooms. I took the staff's storage room as my own project. It was apparent that someone tried to start painting the room at sometime, but stopped. So the room was half crappy mustard yellow, part matte white, and part whatever color was underneath the yellow.
I started by emptying the room and taping all of the trim and the ceiling. That took forever. Then I went through and did the first coat. By that time it was 12:30PM and we broke for lunch. The ladies who run Mom's House were very nice and provided us with sandwiches, pasta salad, deviled eggs, and other sides. The paint was pretty much dry by the time we finished eating, so I went for coat two. Coat two went on a lot quicker and, aside from the couple spashed of paint I got on the radiator (but later wiped off), I was able to completely finish by 2:30PM.
I managed to take some before and after pictures with my phone. Unfortuneately, the before pictures are small since I had the resolution on my phone set to "Picture ID," so the size was 120x160. If you look close at the before pictures, you can see the multiple colors of paint on the walls.


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