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2005-05-05 23:00:00

Move, new monitor, and graduation

I moved back home last week, that was a pain. But I decided that I was going to get a new computer desk... a smaller one. I ended up buying a blue glass desk from Staples. The thing is awesome. But then I thought, I don't want the big honkin' CRT sittin on top of that. It takes up too much space. I need an LCD. I need a big LCD. I like large resolutions (no smaller than 1600x1200). Not too many LCD's offer that, cause they suck! Honestly, I don't understand why my laptop with a 15" widescreen LCD can handle 1920x1200 but a regular LCD monitor that is 19" can only handle 1280x1024. Something's wrong here. But then I found the monitor of my dreams. The Dell 24" widescreen! It does 1920x1200. This thing is HUGE. I mean, you really have no idea how big this is sitting atop my desk. It took me 2 days (all in all about 4 full hours of work) to get Fedora Core 3 to display using 1920x1200. A little magic, and it's working like a charm. Plus, OpenGL apps running at full-res are getting around 75fps. How awesome is that?!?!
Tomorrow is graduation! I've been waiting a long time for this. Well, not actually a long time, I mean, I am graduating in three years instead of four, but still, it seems like a long time. We had practice today for the commencement ceremony. It went rather well. I found out that I'm graduation Magna Cum Laude. That kind of made me mad. I mean, I wanted Summa Cum Laude. But I guess Magna is also good. I'm also cantoring at the graduation liturgy tomorrow. I hope everything there goes well. The songs are great.
For anyone who actually reads this, I guess I'll give an update after graduation...


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