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2005-04-16 23:00:00

Semi-Formal and Musical

April 9 was the Mount Aloysius Semi-Formal. I went without a date, but in the back of my mind I kept telling myself I would leave with one. Wishful thinking, I know. The night started out slow, but I got dragged onto the dance floor soon enough. A few minutes later, who shows up but the girl from the back of my mind. Be brave Kevin, be brave. The first slow song starts, I offer, and she accepts. Then came some faster music and we continued to dance. I went to get a drink and the next slow song started. This time, she came and got me. At this point I'm very happy. The dance goes on and we have our third slow dance. By now 5 hours of dancing have gone past and I'm still goin strong. Don't ask me, I don't know where this energy comes from. But, all in all, the dance was great. Now I just have to work on not being an assclown and ask the girl out...
On to the musical... We've been practicing for this since January. We did "Anything Goes," which is a great musical; great music and great comedy. This weekend was the big one. Thursday night kicked off the performances. It was an instant hit. People came back for the next 2 nights because they liked it so much. Some people I've talked to said it was the best theatre performance Mount Aloysius has ever done. That makes me happy. We've worked so hard on this show, and to have everyone give us nothing but compliments is awesome. I was also very happy that my entire family got to see it; my mom, dad, sister, and both aunts and uncles. It was a ton of fun, and I'm actually sad that it's over. This was my last musical. I'm very glad that I was talked into doing musicals when I started at the Mount 3 years ago. I had never done any acting before, and our director took a big chance putting my in some big roles in my first musical, Working. Then last year I had the lead in Zombie Prom. And this year I had the lead in Anything Goes. I don't know what he saw in me, but I'm glad he didn't let me miss out on all of the great times. But where do I go from here... New York?


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